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What is the secret to automating financial services?

Mobility, security and accessibility are fundamental aspects for financial services companies.
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Financial services providers are some of the first to recognise the importance of providing a reliable and simple customer experience from the first enquiry through to retaining loyal customers. In order to facilitate that in the 21st century, any firm in the industry must consider a digital transformation plan.

Digital transformation represents the way that companies are adapting to the new technology which is available for them thanks to developments in business optimisation. It includes the deployment of solutions such as Enterprise Content Management which can be essential to streamlining processes and providing a more efficient service. Within the financial industry, it has even more to offer by making processes far more productive.

Customers are even appreciative of good service when it comes to handling their hard-earned money. Ensuring that the businesses lives up to and exceeds client expectations can be made much easier if staff can dedicate time to looking for ways to improve their offering, rather than performing administrative tasks. There are a variety of ways in which automation can assist that process, starting with basic internal contributions such as bolstering security, but also stretching into aspects including compliance or the ability to resolve customer queries quicker.

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Firms within the financial services industry know the importance of ensuring a return on investment and will be keen to ensure that any investment into a digital transformation plan shows clear evidence that it will pay off.  Automation solutions provide a way for firms to cut costs by achieving greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace through many aspects.

One is the way in which processes can be streamlined, removing an element of submitting paperwork and documentation whilst remaining accurate and secure. Security is essential in such operations and can be guaranteed by this technology, giving permission to specific users to ensure that no-one from inside or outside of the company can have access to valuable private information which must be kept under lock and key at all times.

Another fundamental factor all financial services companies are well aware of is the importance of compliance and auditing. The risk of a fine or penalty for failure to ensure that all qualifications and training are up to date is one that gives administrative staff nightmares. That can become a thing of the past thanks to these optimisation solutions which store all staff data in the system and can automatically notify those in charge, with enough notice for them to guarantee that all certifications are up to date and conform with regulations and legislation.

With more and more firms in the industry entering into their own digital transformation plans, it is essential that no company lags behind in bringing their practices into the 21st century to provide a better customer service which runs more efficiently.

The benefits of automating financial processes

Taking control of your finances will lead to positive changes across your entire organisation.

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    Improve operations

    In financial services, accuracy is king. It is fundamental to have one, unified system available for all staff and financial professionals. With access to all relevant documentation in just a few clicks, such tools make life far more simple for all members of staff. Such a central reference point is crucial to securing a business which operates well, leaving a positive lasting impression on customers.

    Improve operations
    Improve operations

    In financial services, it is fundamental to have one, unified system available for all staff and financial professionals.

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    Audit and assure compliance

    The financial services industry is knowingly one of the most highly regulated in the world. This can provide complications for firms in the sector when it comes to audits and compliance, particularly with so much sensitive paperwork. Duff & Phelps found that 24% of leading finance organisations expect to spend more than 5% of revenue on compliance by 2023, highlighted by the fact that 73% are prepared to invest in tools to handle the process. Digital automation solutions allow documents to be easily stored and filtered, meaning that they can be easily found and built into a process which assures regulatory compliance.

    Audit and assure compliance
    Audit and assure compliance

    Digital automation solutions allow documents to be stored and filtered, making them easy to find.

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    Integrate with existing systems

    Linking up with the many different systems at play in the financial services sector is essential. It is of the utmost importance that documentation can be put to good use with a variety of different systems to link up and provide new benefits for the institution. Digital transformation solutions ensure that this is possible and are designed to work alongside various tools to allow financial services companies to maximise their efficiency and reduce costs whilst providing the best possible customer service.

    Integrate with existing systems
    Integrate with existing systems

    Linking up with the many different systems at play in the financial services sector is essential.

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Why printing remains essential

Guaranteeing a secure way to print on the go is a basic requirement for financial professionals.

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