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4 ways Kyocera stands out in the production print market

Find out what makes Kyocera’s inkjet technology unique in our article and at drupa 2024.

With drupa 2024 right around the corner, Kyocera is ready to put on a show and exhibit its game-changing inkjet technology. As we prepare for this unmissable event, we’re reviewing the four ways Kyocera stands out in the production print market and highlighting what you can expect to see when you visit Hall 8a/c20 at Messe Düsseldorf.

Today’s print service providers require solutions that tick more boxes than ever. Faced with changing customer needs and rising costs, this should come as no surprise. Kyocera is ready to meet these challenges and support businesses looking to make their next step. 

By combining long-term affordability and high profitability, as well as a firm legacy in inkjet technology, a commitment to our valued partnerships, and long-term, sustainable production print solutions, Kyocera has made a name for itself.  

Our low cost, high profitability guarantee

Kyocera sets itself apart in the production print market through the low cost, high profitability guarantee of our inkjet portfolio. This is best summarised by our winning TCO/ROI combination:

TCO: Total Cost of Ownership. This refers to the total costs that your device will incur throughout its lifecycle. It extends far beyond the initial acquisition cost (which may sometimes be deceivingly low to conceal future expenses), and includes factors such as repairs, supplies, and electricity bills.

ROI: Return on Investment. So you’ve decided to purchase a production printer and ring in a new era for your business – but how is it going to add value in the long term and bring you profits year after year?

Kyocera’s inkjet portfolio blends these two elements to provide customers with an affordable entry point into the production print space. This then translates to peak productivity and cost-effectiveness, as our machines are built in a way that creates maximum uptime. Built with few moving parts, our production print solutions suffer few breakdowns. This reduces the time and money spent on repairs, either carried out by yourself or a technician, and maximises profitability.

By combining affordability and high efficiency, we enable our partners to enhance both their versatility and productivity while keeping costs low and profits high.

We combine inkjet technology with longstanding partnerships

Our company’s philosophy, which was established by our founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, inspires us to put people first and value human connections. This goes for all aspects of our business, whether it’s designing eco-friendly solutions or making long-term commitments to our partners and their prospected business growth.

When it comes to production print, this same human-centric philosophy applies. We are deeply determined to use our inkjet technology to create longstanding, close partnerships with our dealers, partners, and end customers. We strive to do so by prioritising transparency and ensuring we are always approachable and able to support you. 

This is accompanied by an inkjet portfolio with production print solutions that offer 24/7 printing. This translates to round-the-clock, non-stop productivity for your business. Should an urgent order or a time-sensitive opportunity materialise, your business will be able to meet this need and bring in new customers.

As a drupa 2024 exhibitor, we can’t wait to discuss this commitment with you in person. Visitors to Hall 8a/c20 at Messe Düsseldorf will be welcomed by experts who will be keen to discuss how a partnership with Kyocera can elevate your business to the next level. 

How our production print products are backed by inkjet expertise

When you partner with Kyocera for your production print needs, you know you’re working with a leading technology provider backed by decades of experience in inkjet technology. The TASKalfa Pro 15000c may have marked our bold debut into the production printing space, but the introduction of this machine was preceded by a 20-year legacy of inkjet expertise. 

Prior to the launch of our first inkjet production print machine, we had spent 20 years developing, producing, selling, and servicing inkjet printheads. Our famous and reliable printheads are widely used even among our competitors, who enjoy the superior quality and consistency that only Kyocera’s printheads can provide. 

This means that, when you partner with Kyocera, you work not only with high-quality products, but also alongside a partner who can provide extensive experience and support about all things inkjet. We are particularly excited to exhibit this facet of our technology at drupa 2024, where we plan on demonstrating our proud heritage in inkjet and our motivation to share it with prospective new partners. 

Our production print solutions prioritise sustainability

For many print service providers, finding a solution that combines high productivity with a low environmental impact can be a challenge. This is another way Kyocera stands out in the production print market – our inkjet technology facilitates sustainable printing so you can print in high volumes responsibly.

Our solutions, such as the TASKalfa Pro 15000c, output their first prints very quickly. This means there is neither a need for test sheets nor a daily calibration, as you can get production up and running after a very fast warmup. As a result, you produce less paper waste and have a lower total energy consumption, allowing you to play your part in reducing your environmental impact. 

In addition, our aqueous inks help print service providers do business in a sustainable way. As we will be delighted to demonstrate at drupa 2024, our water-based inks create vibrant, sharp output without using any hazardous components or volatile liquids.

Why choose between complying with sustainability regulations and reaching for sky-high quality? With Kyocera, you can have both. 

Visit Kyocera at drupa 2024

Backed by a partnership-focussed attitude, a strong legacy producing inkjet printheads, and the ability to help business save costs and boost future profits, Kyocera is the solutions provider that today’s future-facing print service providers need. 

Buoyed by our human-centric philosophy and advanced technology, we are determined to support businesses as they expand their operations and strive for long-term growth. At drupa 2024, we will exhibit how our solutions make this possible.

This translates to round-the-clock, non-stop productivity.”

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