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How inkjet technology drives business growth

Businesses that want to reduce energy consumption and increase productivity are switching to inkjet.
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As energy prices rise and companies search for more sustainable ways to fulfil their printing needs, it is important to understand how inkjet technology drives business growth and stands as the most responsible type of printing. Companies that trying to decide if they are inkjet ready should explore its main benefits.

Inkjet devices provide excellent print quality and super-fast print times, making them the ideal solutions for companies that want to be ready for future demands. Moreover, Kyocera’s inkjet production print solutions offer low energy consumption and fewer moving parts, resulting in lower printing costs and reduced risks of breakdown. With maximum printer uptime and optimised printing budgets, businesses that use inkjet devices are well-equipped to grow and thrive in the current market.

What is inkjet technology?

Inkjet technology is a type of digital printing in which an image is reproduced on paper by propelling millions of tiny droplets of ink onto its surface. It is an extremely productive method of printing that combines the modern benefits of digital technology, such as speed and variable data printing options, with the high-volume potential of offset printing.

Print service providers are switching from laser and offset machines to inkjet production printers because they can offer their clients more for less. Inkjet devices provide high output quality, media flexibility, diverse finishing options, maximum uptime, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Essentially, print service providers choose inkjet because it is more reliable and profitable, and it leads to an improved customer experience.

How inkjet affects print quality and speeds

Inkjet devices that use water-based ink not only offer businesses an environmentally friendly way to print in high volumes, but they also provide high-resolution outputs, outstanding colour reproduction, and sharp, clear fine lines and text. Kyocera’s own inkjet printheads are market leaders and allow print companies to produce vibrant books, brochures, and leaflets quickly and easily.

Business growth is only attainable when the products and print materials produced by the company are of a high quality and stand out in the market. Moreover, businesses need to be able to optimise efficiency and productivity to increase print volumes if they hope to expand. This is another area in which inkjet shines.

Fast warmup times are yet another advantage of inkjet devices. In fact, Kyocera’s debut production printer, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c, has a warmup time of just 60 seconds, making it one of the quickest on the market. The first print is then completed in just 5.5 seconds, and A4 jobs can run at 150 pages per minute. With a printing capacity of a million sheets per month, this machine is a testament to the fact that inkjet is the future of production printing.

Reduce energy consumption with inkjet printers

Kyocera’s inkjet devices are designed to run on less energy, and to switch to a low-energy sleep mode sooner than other models, thus saving businesses money on their energy bills. While toner devices use fusing technology that has a high energy consumption, this is not required in water-based inkjet printing. With Kyocera’s low temperature drying technology and a well-balanced ink recipe, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c uses significantly less energy compared to other printing systems. When less money is spent on energy and print budgets, more resources can be poured into other areas of business, leading to growth and development.

Not only is inkjet the most economical option, it’s also the most sustainable. The evolution of inkjet has great promise for environmental sustainability in printing, and companies that want to continue growing and thriving in a competitive market should prioritise sustainable business choices. Bear in mind that sustainability doesn’t just mean eco-friendly, but also durable and lasting. Longevity in business models is a cornerstone of success.

Reducing energy consumption has the additional benefit of helping companies meet their green goals and reduce their carbon footprint without having to compromise on quality, speed, or possibilities. This, in turn, will improve their public reputation and customer loyalty, both of which are excellent for long-term growth and success.

Kyocera inkjet printers deliver high uptime

Finally, inkjet printers that are built with long-life parts are durable and provide high uptime. Built with fewer moving parts than conventional toner systems in the market, a Kyocera inkjet device needs less service, changing of parts and a lower level of standing time, meaning users benefit from greater productivity. In fact, according to this TASKalfa Pro 15000c case study, the average uptime of an inkjet device is a minimum of 90%. 

With increased uptime and productivity comes the potential to grow your business and improve your return on investment (ROI) on printing devices. Inkjet provides opportunities for businesses to reduce expenses and maximise output, making it the clear choice.

Inkjet technology drives business growth

Water-based inkjet technology drives business growth in several key ways: it improves print quality and speeds, reduces energy consumption, boosts sustainability efforts, and increases uptime.

All of this results in an improved company reputation, happier end customers, and more time and resources freed up to focus on other aspects of business operations. Companies looking to grow and expand in a competitive market should consider implementing a Kyocera inkjet device into their workflows.

"Inkjet is the future of commercial printing.

Driving growth with inkjet technology!

Discover the many competitive advantages that inkjet technology offers.

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    The value of personalisation

    Add a new dimension to your media assets with highly versatile inkjet technology.

  • Enhancing productivity with inkjet technology

    With Kyocera’s versatile inkjet technology it’s never been easier to drive more agile and productive workflows.

  • Sustainable production printing with inkjet

    Discover how Kyocera’s highly-efficient inkjet technology drives new levels of sustainability.

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