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How to choose the best office printer for evolving workflows

Choosing the right printing device is easier with Kyocera

With the growth of hybrid working, the importance of investing in the tools that help professionals become more mobile and productive has become increasingly apparent. Printing devices are one such tool which has been cast into the spotlight. Much more than the old-school click and collect, the modern printer is a sophisticated work tool that contributes to digital transformation and more efficient organisations. Choosing the right one, therefore, is an important investment decision.

From a wide range of A3 multifunction printers (MFPs) and compact A4 devices on offer, businesses are spoilt for choice. Our guide is here to help you choose the best office printer. 

Checklist for choosing a printer 

There are many basic questions you need to ask yourself about your workplace before you invest in a printing device. Here are some useful pointers to get started: 

  • The size of your space. How much room do you have to work with: are your employees working from home or in a spacious office? Small, lightweight A4 printers are popular for remote workers whereas larger A4 & A3 MFPs are usually more suitable for office environments. It’s all about optimizing the space at your disposal.
  • Print volumes. It is important that the recommended print volume of your chosen printer matches your printing needs. High print volumes in fast-paced office environments demand more robust devices that can print at higher speeds.
  • Who will be using the printer? This is a simple question to answer if you’re a remote worker, but in an office with several groups of employees it might be more complicated to decide on the best solution. It is worth comparing the cost vs benefit of having, for example, one central A3 MFP printer or several smaller A4 devices spread across office groups.
  • Output needs. Do you often print in colour, or can you get by in printing in just black and white? Are scanning and faxing important parts of your day to day? The nature of your business will be a key consideration – for example, investing in a black and white printer and later having to outsource colour print jobs will not be cost effective.

Laser or inkjet?

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search criteria, it’s time to think ink. 

Inkjet tends to be the go-to option for organisations which produce large volumes of visually attractive and vibrant colour output. The crystal-clear images produced by inkjet has been proven to be a highly potent marketing tool, allowing brands to stand out from the crowd. This is because ink produces higher quality photos than toner and is capable of printing on multiple paper types. Inkjet machines also tends to have a lower entry price point, but that’s not to say that cost per page is necessarily lower. 

On the contrary, if your business prints large quantities of text-heavy documents with minimal graphic element and photos coverage, then a laser printer is your best friend. One huge benefit of toner over inkjet, however, is that it lasts longer. This saves money in the long-term and a good laser printer is capable of printing high-volume prints at rapid speeds which is exactly what most busy office environments need. 

Why choose an MFP?

Multifunction printers not only print, copy, scan and fax to different locations, but also connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to print from your phone on the go for even greater mobility. With many MFPs you can directly plug in your USB drive or print from the office, remote workspace or at home. Some advanced models can even be customized with finishing options such as automatic stapling, hole punching, and sorting. 

In short, MFPs are revolutionary machines that can help you to simultaneously cut costs and increase workplace productivity. They come in A4 and A3 size, so the decision is once again based on space and which paper size you use.

For those seeking compact devices, there are plenty of competitively priced A4 printer options on the market such as Kyocera’s ECOSYS range. These combine high productivity with Kyocera’s industry-renowned reliability, as well as being the sustainable choice due to their high energy efficiency. 

What is the best office printer?

The best office printer is the right one for your office. While the options may at first seem endless, following the above checklist should set you down the path towards a smart and informed business investment.  

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