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The evolution of Kyocera Document Solutions: a legacy of excellence

Discover how Kyocera became one of the world’s leading providers of document solutions.

The evolution of Kyocera Document Solutions tells of a legacy of excellence, in which a world-renowned provider of comprehensive document solutions and print environments expanded across the globe.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Kyocera Document Solutions is the most important part of the wider Kyocera Corporation, which boasts over 100 group companies around the world. All of these Kyocera groups follow the same philosophy and management style, which leads to their continued success. 

The legacy that Kyocera Document Solutions has developed over the years is founded on our desire to innovate powerful solutions to the world’s problems, using technology and a human-centric attitude.

From a small factory founded in 1959 to the multinational award-winning corporation that we know and love today, Kyocera’s evolution has been ground-breaking at every step of the journey. Join us in reliving some of the highlights and milestones that have led Kyocera Document Solutions to where we are today, including eco-friendly printing devices and smart document management solutions.

Humble beginnings to Global Innovator status

It all began in 1959, when Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (now Kyocera Corp.) was founded in Kyoto. This early incarnation of Kyocera specialised in fine ceramics and had just 28 employees.

At this point, it would be hard to believe that in 2023, Kyocera would be named among the Top 100 Global Innovatorsfor the seventh year by Clarivate.

Clarivate uses a complete comparative analysis of global companies, assessing their inventions for rarity, success, global innovation, and influence. Kyocera Document Solutions’ modern printing devices and document management software are part of the reason that we placed in the top 100 worldwide.

A significant contributing factor to this status as a Global Innovator is our Kyocera Philosophy, coined by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, our innovative founder.

The Kyocera Philosophy: The key to our success

Dr. Inamori encountered numerous challenges as he set out to build Kyocera from the ground up. From these challenges arose the basis of his philosophy, that it is vital that each individual is “living in the right way as a human being."  

In essence, Dr. Inamori’s philosophy is that everyone must be driven by the power of the human mind, both in their personal and professional lives, to do what is right for the world and constantly seek innovation and advancement. We can see this attitude reflected in the history of Kyocera Group and Kyocera Document Solutions.

This philosophy led to the creation of the Amoeba Management system, in which employees are organised into small self-supporting groups called amoebas. The enhanced participation of employees and sense of togetherness is why Kyocera Document Solutions quickly became a global success once it was born of Kyocera Corporation.

Responsibility and eco-friendly progress

At Kyocera Document Solutions, we innovate based on ecological values. We provide the most ethical answers to businesses’ biggest pains, allowing companies to grow while still maintaining values that matter.

The evolution of Kyocera Document Solutions is characterised by huge leaps forward in terms of ecological innovation and responsible printing practices. Our legacy of excellence incorporates our commitment to the planet and to providing smart solutions to businesses facing common pains.

In 2023, Kyocera Document Solutions was awarded with the WORLDSTAR 2023 award at the WORLDSTAR GLOBAL PACKAGING AWARDS, the most prestigious packaging awards in the world. This was the culmination of 20 years of work creating eco-friendly MFPs and printers with long-life parts and low waste.

Innovations in printing

Our innovative nature led us to develop an eco-friendly and economic line of printers and MFPs known as the ECOSYS line. 1992 saw the release of Kyocera Document Solutions’ first ECOSYS printer, the ECOSYS FS-1500.

With ECOSYS printers, the environmental impact of printing is minimised by extended-life printer parts. This reduces waste, meaning the customer also spends less on consumables and replacement parts.

Moreover, our forward-thinking mindset drove us to jump into the exciting world of production printing. 2020 saw a huge leap forward for Kyocera Document Solutions when our first production printer, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c was introduced.

This high-efficiency, low-energy machine was the culmination of decades of experience and it now provides companies with unrivalled return on investment for their production printing needs.

Software for maximum efficiency in a modern world

At Kyocera Document Solutions, we don’t stop at ecological and economic innovations; we also strive to make your business’ day-to-day operations as smooth as possible. Part of our evolution and legacy of excellence is the increased efficiency, productivity, and data security of our clients.

These efforts have led to the creation of content services solutions such as KSIM and KCIM. 

Kyocera Smart Information Manager (KSIM) is a web-based information management system for digital document management. Meanwhile, Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) supports digitisation of internal documents and their management processes to accelerate operational efficiency. 

Kyocera Document Solutions and our technology partners have also made waves in the world of enterprise content management (ECM). Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager (KEIM), for example, is a comprehensive ECM platform that helps companies to digitise, store, and manage their data in a centralised repository. This boosts data protection efforts and streamlines workflows for maximum efficiency.

Kyocera Document Solutions today

Today, Kyocera Document Solutions continues to make waves in Europe and beyond. Our technological innovations are creating smarter workspaces around the world, allowing companies to enjoy ecological printing and scanning, lower cost production printing, and maximum security with the adoption of ECM systems.

From Kyocera’s rural beginnings in Japan to what is now a global leader in innovation and document solutions, we could not be prouder of our brand’s evolution and the legacy of excellence we have worked to build. 

We are excited for the future of Kyocera Document Management Solutions, and we can’t wait to enjoy the journey alongside our loyal customers and partners. Reach out to us if you have any queries, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on our innovations and technological progress. 

At Kyocera Document Solutions, we innovate based on ecological values."

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